Anni und Chrilly Donninger

Dr. Christian 'Chrilly' Donninger

was born 1957 in the Upper-Austrian lake region Salzkammergut.

He holds a Master in Physics and a PhD in Statistical Mathematics from the Univ. Vienna. From 1985-87 he was Assistant Professor for Applied Statistics at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna. From 1989-1992 he was consultant for mathematical software at the European-Space-Technology-Centre in Noordwijk/NL. During his stay in the Netherlands he made contact to the Dutch computer-chess-community. Back home he become a professional chess-programmer and a leading figure in this field. In 2000 he started on advice of Ken Thompson the developed of the Brutus/Hydra project. Soon after Ulf Lorenz from the Univ. Paderborn and at a later stage Muhammad Nasir Ali and GM Christopher Lutz joined the team. Hydra represented a significant leap in the strength of computer chess. Wikipedia-Hydra-Chess Chrilly is since 2008 chief-scientist in the the Sibyl-Hedge-Fund. The fund is owned by the Hydra-sponsor. Quantitative finance is for him a rendezvous with an old love: Statistics. His goal is to reach in the quant-community the same status he had in computer-chess.

He develops also for Siemens-Germany FPGA solutions for Computer-Tomography. He is lecturer for quantitative finance at the Univ. Jena/Germany.

Chrilly lives with his wife Anni, his dog Bello, the cats Fuchsi and Grauli in a small village in the Austrian countryside. If he does not develop new quantitative models and trading strategies he is jogging and cross-country-skiing with Bello through the peat bogs of the Waldviertel-Hochland. He is a passionate cook and an outspoken chilli-head. He plays competitive table-tennis in a small club.

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