Interesting Links

  1. The Aruoba-Scotti-Diebold-Business-Index of the FED of Philadelphia is similar in spirit to the DaLEI. It's a daily updated index. The mathematical method for calculating the latest value is relative involved. The Aruoba-Scotti-Diebold index measures the current economic situation. The DaLEI peeps into the future. The border between these two approaches is in fact blurred.
  2. One of the few interesting academic researchers is Carol Alexander. I like especially her 4-volume book about Market-Risk
  3. Most of the free academic finance papers can be found on Social Science Research Network. I have published some of my papers also on SSRN. But it is easier to retrieve them from Working-Papers.
  4. I have used Silvia Gamsj├Ąger's beautiful ResponseEve HTML template for this site.
  5. Chrilly's and Anni's personal homepage contains a collection of stories and illustrations in German. Geschichten aus dem Hochland
  6. Steffen Jakob presents on his homepage besides his professional projects a collection of high-quality photographs. Steffen A. Jakob