VaTI - The Vanellus Twitter Index

The Vanellus-Twitter-Index VaTI. considers the actual footprint of users on Twitter. The VaTI is considerable more informative than the plain "number of followers". The VaTI is applied monthly to all German Members of Parliament (MdB) and to the leaders of the Austrian political parties.
For a description see: Wie misst man den Einflusses von MdBs auf Twitter? Der Vanellus-Twitter-Index VaTI (In German).

  1. VaTI - German MdBs - July 2018 Top-20
    VaTIMdBJul18 The VaTI measures not only the number of followers (which is over time slightly increasing) but also the actual action on Twitter. It is due to the summer break for July 2018 significantly lower than in the months before. Martin Schulz SPD is this time clearly ahead, because he has by far the most followers. If nothing happens the followers dominate the VaTI.
    Download complete VaTI VaTI-MdB-July 2018 *.csv

  2. VaTI - Austrian Party Heads - July 2018
    Like for the German MdBs the VaTI is this month lower. It correctly measures the effect of the summer break.
    Download complete VaTI VaTI-OePV-July 2018 *.csv

  3. VaTI - German MdBs - June 2018 Top-20
    VaTIMdBJun18 Download complete VaTI VaTI-MdB-June 2018 *.csv

  4. VaTI - Austrian Party Heads - June 2018
    VaTIOePVJun18 Download complete VaTI VaTI-OePV-June 2018 *.csv

  5. VaTI - German MdBs - May 2018 Top-20
    VaTIMdBMai18 Download complete VaTI VaTI-MdB-May 2018 *.csv

  6. VaTI - Austrian Party Heads - May 2018
    VaTIOePVMai18 Download complete VaTI VaTI-OePV-May 2018 *.csv